Zip Lining Anyone?

Zip Lining Anyone?

We did it! My husband and I went zip lining this morning.

The folks at Lark Valley Zip Lines were great.

My Bucket List post mentioned that zip lining was on my 60×60 list. My husband? Not so much. But I bought a deal for his birthday and off we went!

Truthfully, my husband who is not a fan of heights, was NOT looking forward to our venture AT ALL. He checked out the website, watched their videos, and asked a lot of questions.

My husband enjoyed it more than I did!

Zip Lining Anyone?

He used my phone to video me so I could post here! Yay!

I videoed him as well. Double yay!

We did it on my Word Press app and we didn’t save it because they’re not there now~

So I have a few pics of pre-zip lining preparation.

Zip Lining Anyone?

Getting ready. A little nervous. Then a 70 year old gentleman joined our group. Manned up then, I did!

Zip Lining Anyone?

Our tractor ride up the hill to get to the lines.

Zip Lining Anyone?

We crossed this lake three different times. Once was a double line ride. My husband beat me across the water.

I wish I had the videos. I could impress you with my braveness and mastery of the sport. Sorry, I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Scratch that off my list.

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