You’re Not Alone

Sometimes I feel alone. I. Just. Do. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s not a bad thing. It just is what it is. Here’s the deal, you’re not alone. We humans don’t really like feeling alone. I get that, and I personally think we were never meant to do life alone, so those feelings of loneliness and disliking them is totally legit.

A few weeks ago I was going through some jewelry I have, looking for a birthstone ring my husband gave me many years ago. The band was cracked, which is why I stopped wearing it. I wanted to find it because I was thinking about dropping it off to see if it could be repaired. While I was looking for that ring, I found another ring I forgot I had. It was my husband’s first wedding band I gave him when we exchanged rings during our wedding. He has long since outgrown that band. Hey, we were kids when we got married!

I have that band in my possession because I wore it instead of my own band during the pregnant years when my ring didn’t fit my chubby little finger any longer, and during the still-trying-to-lose-the-extra-weight-from-pregnancy years, too.

I like thumb rings. I like the trend of wearing a band on your thumb. So, I thought that first wedding band would make a good thumb ring for me! I wear it every day now. But it means more than just a decorated hand. It is a symbol that I find comfort in.

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I have shared here before that I have a higher power. My higher power is the God who created the universe. My higher power is always with me. My higher power never leaves me, nor will he. My higher power values me and cherishes me for who I am. My higher power has always known I am enough and worth His time. That brings me comfort too.

The ring I wear on the thumb on my left hand is a symbol of those things. It serves to remind me that I am never alone. The beauty of wearing the ring is that I am reminded of this even when I don’t feel alone. The ring is always there. And so is my higher power.






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