Your Law

I have a confession to make… I listen to talk radio while driving my car. It’s true, I do!  It really doesn’t matter the subject. I’ll listen to sports radio if that’s what’s on and I’m not an over the top kind of sports fan. Just your basic college basketball kind of person.

Your Law


I don’t have a favorite talk show host or a must listen to everyday. It’s just that if I find myself in the car alone I tune into WHAS and listen to whoever is on.

So the new guy, Leland Conway, who took the place of Many Connell when she left WHAS for Denver posed a question on Friday’s show. He asked listeners to call in and tell the one law you would make if you could. Only one. You make up whatever law you want. When you called in, however, he did ask if you agreed with his or not.

This was his law: All women over 185 pounds, and over the age of 40 should not wear spandex. EVER! His law, not mine, though I must admit, I’m not sure why anyone would want to wear spandex…just saying.

Another caller stated that any male over the age of 30 should NOT wear a sports jersey. What? Not sure the logic there.


Another person phoned in to say it should be a law that guys couldn’t let their pants hang pass their bums. I see his point. (Bums…it shows up again on my blog!)

And a few called in to make political statements as you can imagine.

So I was thinking what law would I enforce if I could?

Here’s one…neighbors should mind their own business. I posted about that here: The Neighbors Did What? (I couldn’t go with just one…oops).

Or how about no one should be allowed to cover the gray…that would certainly solve my dilemma. Read about that here.

Perhaps no speeding tickets, only warnings. Always and forever.  Of course there is a post 🙂 here.

Your Law

Seriously though, maybe no talk radio should be allowed and then I wouldn’t post such silly things on my blog!

But here we are, so what’s your law? Come on, you know you have one!

Disclaimer: I’m truly not an advocate of nonsensical laws.

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  1. I listen to talk radio a lot too. Would you believe my kids actually like it? They like learning about what is going on in the world. What would I enforce? Hmmm…not sure. I like people being able to make their own choices, even if I’m not in agreement on them. I don’t necessarily care for the low pants though either. 🙂

    • Hey, nice to meet a fellow talk radio listener! Not sure mine would admit to it but I think they learned some things…some usual and some not so much. Not a proponent of big government which means I’m really only interested in a few laws that actually protect the citizens.


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