Your Journey Isn’t About You?

“Your journey isn’t about you”, I heard the speaker of the meeting say.

Wait, what?

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As I continued to listen I finally heard the message behind the statement. It is more accurately stated as: your journey isn’t just about you. It’s not just about me either. Why do we think it is? Why do we get so caught up in the drama, the joy, the success, the accolades, the events, the tragedies, the life-changing moments? When that happens we forget that most important message of all.

There is a bigger picture. There always is and sometimes I believe the bigger picture lies behind the obvious and remains out of sight, until the age of maturation, and even then, it may still remain hidden.

I was thinking too that maybe we must first come to the realization that the journey isn’t just about us before we can have a real and vital relationship with God; to believe in a power greater that ourselves and be willing to let go of the familiar and hold on to Him. There are people who are in dire and desperate situations, who are drowning in the muck and mire who need to come to know this Higher Power.

We can ask God on a daily basis to give us an opportunity to connect with others and perhaps they will catch a glimpse of a power great than you; a power greater than me.

Yielding all that we are and have to God who knows all things.

That’s an amazing way to live.

In the Bible, the book of Luke chapter 5 there is a story about a paraplegic man. He had friends who were moved by his predicament to the point that they wanted to take him to where Jesus was teaching. The place was a mass throng of people and there was no easy way to get their friend inside to where Jesus was. They had the idea to take off part of the roof and lower their friend into the house, right at the feet of Jesus.Jesus saw the faith of these friends and was moved to compassion.

The speaker wrapped up the talk with this statement: “Our faith can move God to do something on behalf of someone else.”

We can do this together. Your journey isn’t about you nor is it about me.




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