You Say Hello

To write or not to write…that is the question. At least that has been my question for the last (almost) two months. That’s how long it has been since I last posted on this blog.

In all the years I have been doing this blogosphere thingy there has never (to my recollection) been a time I went this long without writing something! I have been debating, deliberating and deciding ( all D words if I may point out) about this blog of mine.

I thought it was over, I really did. And I was okay with that; ready to move on to the next writing venture, whatever that may be, for I will always write in some capacity. After having several people mention that they missed my writing, and fielding some questions on whether I was finished here or not, well…I think the answer might be “Not.” Just saying…

I am looking at my options when it comes to this blog. Seeing which direction it needs to go, or even if it just needs to go. So, we’ll see. For now, anyway, I will continue to post here, under this name.

And there you have it. I hope you are all well, and being truly present for each day you are here on this earth, whether the days be good or bad, and open to new and endless possibilities.

4 thoughts on “You Say Hello”

  1. We all go through this, just do what feels right. If it doesn’t feel right, it will not be interesting to you or anyone else. I freaked myself out a while ago when I started seeing personal pics turn up everywhere, things I had written for my blog audience. It was a reality check! But I’m still blogging, for now 🙂 Danica


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