You Are Your Brother’s Keeper

It’s true, like it or not. That’s the whole point of our time spent on this earth, I do believe, to care for each other.

A few months ago, some friends of our family lost their youngest son tragically and suddenly in an accident. The mother of the boy often posts on his Facebook page how much she misses him. Earlier this week she wrote, “I never thought I would have to live without you”. I have been thinking of that statement all week.

None of us, as parents, think we will outlive our kids. That’s just not how it was set up. But many people do. I so cannot relate to the pain they must feel, and I am forever grateful for that, however, my heart hurts for those who do.

Wednesday I was talking with a woman who lost her little girl in an accident six years ago. She was only three. Life goes on and they learn to continue without their child, but they are forever changed.

This week a man we know had to say good-bye to his wife of 60+ years. How do you do that?

Other friends have said their good-byes to a dear mother and grandmother, and they quietly sit by and watch and wait while she lingers.

I was given a list of contact info for some folks who were affected by the tornados in Henryville, Indiana. My job was to call and check on these people. Some numbers were no longer in service. A couple were wrong numbers, but I did get in touch with a few. They were grateful for the concern of a total stranger. They told their story. I listened.

We weren’t intended to journey through this life alone. It somehow helps to know that there are those, whether close family member or friend, or someone you don’t even know, who reach out as a reminder that they are not alone.

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