You Are Worthy

I received an interesting handout at a meeting I attended. The title of the paper is: You Are Worthy of Receiving: 10 Things to Let into Your Life by Kathy Kruger.

I like the concept of this message. She writes:”There’s a lot to be gained by letting go of past pain, by breaking bad habits. But what if we thought more in terms of what we might welcome into our lives–what we might be open to receiving?’

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Here’s the deal…a lot of us on some level whether conscious or not, don’t think we are deserving or worthy of good things. Most of us believe we have to do this or that in order to be worthy of receiving love, or acceptance or whatever it is we desire. So we spend a lot of time trying to heal ourselves instead of inviting others in to walk the path with us.

And that’s where the healing lies…by inviting others to journey with us.

Here is Kathy Kruger’s list of Ten Things To Let Into Your Life:

1. Let in awareness. It seems as if I have lived a considerable part of my life unaware. It’s okay, I know…I was just trying to survive as are a gazillion or people. But once we become aware, not just of ourselves, but of everything and everyone around us, well, life has a way of rewarding us for awareness.

2. Let in love. This one is a tough one for most of us. The key here is to love and accept yourself for exactly who you are and then you will be ready to let the love of others in. Healthy people, people who are available to you and not just taking from you.

3. Let in compassion. This is another tricky one, especially for the codependent within. We are ready willing and able to give compassion but receiving is a different story altogether.

4. Let in forgivenessI’m going to just stick with what Kathy wrote about this one. She said: “Allow yourself to be forgiven by others, and most importantly, allow yourself to forgive your own mistakes. You are only human.”

5. Let in laughter. A merry heart is like medicine.

6. Let in joy. The first thing you have to do is define joy. It’s not happiness. There is a difference. I looked the word up and found this: to experience great pleasure or delight. Joy comes from within.

7. Let in gratitude. Becoming grateful is a wonderful way to live.

8. Let in silence. Learning to be by yourself and enjoy solitude is important for good mental health. Alone is not a bad word.

9. Let in serendipity. When you learn to be aware you will see things happen seemingly out of the blue. Oftentimes valuable lessons and blessings come disguised as back luck.

10. Let in painI know, right? Who in their right mind wants to let in pain? We fight pain, avoid pain and bury it alive. But it is in the pain, more often than not, that growth is found, which leads to a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Emotional health is paramount to a thriving and life and relationships. Allowing these things in leads to an emotionally healthy life.

You are worthy of a peaceful and joyous life.

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