Wordless Wednesday…Oops

Wordless Wednesday came and went and left me behind! Where did Wednesday go? I was away from the computer most of the day. I had every intention of getting on, posting and visiting some other blogs right after American Idol Finally…but the bad weather hit and we were forced to take cover. It sounded serious, serious enough to seek shelter down the road at my in-laws since we currently have no basement and reside on the second floor of an apartment. The storm came and went and with little fanfare…and it took it’s sweet time passing through. We got home late and Wednesday turned into Thursday while we were away!

It’s 2 am, I visited some blogs, returned some “Follows”, left some comments and posted this…and now I am ready to turn in. 6:10 will roll around all too soon. Not quite what I had planned but it beats a blank.


life…just saying

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Oops”

  1. Oh Im so glad you are all ok!! I was Hooked on AI last night too!!!!! Thank you so much for linking with High on Life!!!! I hope you come back next week!!! <3


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