Women Get Social -San Diego

I spent last weekend at a conference, Women Get Social – San Diego. This conference was hosted by The SITS Girls, my favorite blogging conference!

Women Get Social

It was a crazy week for a few reasons. We closed on a house the Tuesday before the conference so packing and painting and everything else that moving entails is in full swing. I posted it about it here: I’m a Little Scared, Y’all. And I took my first plane ride…across the country. You can read a little about it here: UPS Customer Service.

Enough of that, however, on to the conference!

We missed the first two sessions due to the inability to land in San Diego because of “deteriorating weather conditions” and “we needed fuel” so we landed in LA. I was in LA, y’all, albeit stuck in a plane on the tarmac. But I digress again.

It never rains in California?

We came in on Get In The News! Mary Burt-Godwin and Jennifer Chidester were great. Good stuff! My take away from that sessions? Balls. Just balls.

Fawn Weaver is a passionate speaker. How do you just get up on stage in front of 100 plus women and deliver an inspiring talk off the cuff? She is truly an inspiration for all of the aspiring authors who were there.

The cocktail party. The food was delish. It. Just. Was. Both nights! David Mirassou of Mirassous Winery is always a pleasure to talk with.

Day two started with breakfast provided by The SITS Girls and their sponsors. It was a great way to meet other bloggers. I enjoyed talking with Sandra Sallin of Apart From My Art. I loved her stories and am enjoying her blog. Hint: she’s a 73 year old blogger. Love it!

Courtney Slazinik started off with some tips on photography. I’m a photographer wannabe. I love her blog Click it Up a Notch and actually used parts of  one of her articles for a post I did for SITS. She’s great with the camera and has lots of helpful tips. She also gifted us with a downloadable E-book.

After a short break we started back up with Lynette Young who knows all about Google+. I don’t. Listening to her speak led me to two conclusions: I need to spend time on Google+ and she talked about it like it was no big deal. Hope for me after all.

Ashley Abele was another of my fav speakers. She spoke with such passion about her topic. She was nervous I do believe, but you could feel her passion as she spoke. I love her story, and am coming to love her too. She is very helpful to the community leads for The SITS Girls.

And then there was The Outlaw Mom, an attorney who knows her stuff on how to protect your stuff and so very pretty!

Alissa Marquess certainly knows about Facebook. It changes so much and her encouragement to us to keep pursuing Facebook because it is still a very viable social media platform was a much needed message, for me anyway.

Pinterest…oh Pinterest, how do I love thee? I don’t know yet. I’m not real savvy there but Jillian Riley is and she shared her thoughts and tips on how it works for her.

One of the most enjoyable speakers was Stefanie Mullen on Evolution of a Viral Post. She is funny and just a down to earth kind of a person whose posts (three of them) went viral. She got millions of page views on both Pinterest and Facebook but took it all in stride, until her site crashed. It’s all good now.

This is just an overview of the conference. I can’t tell you the nuggets I’m still digesting as I review my notes and look at my goals.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to meet online friends in person for the first time. Hugs all around.

I can’t relate the feelings you get when you hear Tiffany (and Francesca because Tiffany started crying) talk about us, the blogger, the person, the mom, the wife, the woman.

Tiffany Women Get Social

It was an inspiring couple of days, and not as overwhelming as the one I attended in Minneapolis. I’m a pro now. Can’t wait for BBC St. Louis next month, and Women Get Social-Philly in September and BBC Atlanta in October.

Oh yes, I’m going. Who knows, maybe I’ll morph into all of these speakers rolled into one.


6 thoughts on “Women Get Social -San Diego”

  1. Funny that you got to learn from Lynette Young about Google +. She was supposed to be our speaker at the Parenting Media Association’s conference last weekend in Philadelphia but must have taken the SITS Girls gig instead. 🙂 We ended up with an awesome speaker though that knew her stuff too. Win, win for both of us.

    Sounds like a great conference!

  2. Oh man – your first time flying, right? And that happened?? That does happen, but not often. Well you are awesome because you did something with a bang.
    And I love Sandra Sallin and I think I saw that you met Stevie from Joy in the Midst Of. Sounds awesome!

    • Yep, first flight! I do seem to do things with bangs lol! Loved Sandra and I loved meeting Stevie. She’s a fellow SITS Girls community lead so it made it special for us to meet face-to-face along with Sadie @slapdashmom.

  3. Glad you had a great time there with got a lot of useful information 🙂 Any chance u met, Karissa – A Fresh Start On A Budget, she was there too (blogger)! I am so hoping SITS Girls comes to New England!


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