Wisdom Is Key

Proverbs 4:7–Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding. King James Version.

Turning 50 was a hard one. It felt like I should be wiser than I was, and have more knowledge. Wisdom is key. Not necessarily, being more intelligent.

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With age comes wisdom, they tell me. Am I wise enough to be the possessor of such an age, now that I am half of a century old? Do wisdom and age truly go hand in hand? Just a few questions I pondered before the birthday rolled around.

Perhaps they are indeed linked, though I can think of an aged person or two who seems to have missed this benefit of growing old. Maybe it’s not a given, but simply a choice to walk in this timeless rite of passage into the senior years. Because 50 seems like a rite of passage. And when owning a rite of passage, wisdom is key.

Being wise doesn’t mean you have all the answers to all of life’s questions. Who does? Neither does is mean that you never make a mistake or feel threatened or afraid.


It means, you have the patience to think things through and the humility to ask for help when you need to; seeking help from other people who have gone before you and prepared the way, but more importantly, to seek wisdom from God.  According to Proverbs 9 :10– The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Wisdom is key to gaining knowledge.

Wisdom, in it’s simplest form, means you not only have the ability to weigh the matter, but you have an unbiased view of the facts; you put pride aside and seek the counsel of those who have gone before you. You boldly admit that you are a fallible human being that can use the help of others; and you choose to walk that path.

If this is the criteria of being wise, and getting wisdom is key, then I am ready for the journey.


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