Who Do You Miss?

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are here.  No matter how much time has passed, the question remains, who do you miss at Christmas?

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I was thinking of holidays of old, the traditions we had when I was a child.  It was a mystery to me and my friends how Santa would visit our house early on Christmas Eve but not go to other houses in my subdivision until the wee hours. We always traveled to my grandparents’ farm on Christmas morning. My parents wanted my brothers and me to have time to enjoy our new gifts left under the tree before we headed out of town.

Who do you miss at Christmas? I can’t help but to think of time spent with my grandparents as a child. I mean, I would rather have been at home, playing with the toys me and my bestie had just received but as an adult looking back, those were special times. My grandmother’s funeral was Christmas Eve morning, so she is forever tied to that date.

Who do you miss at Christmas? My paternal grandmother died when I was eleven years old, so I don’t have a ton of memories with her. She was poor as a church mouse (as the saying goes) but she gave the best hugs.

Who do you miss at Christmas? I also remember my younger brother, Stevie. He’s been gone a lot of years, but those childhood Christmas memories wouldn’t be complete without him. His excitement over the holiday baking and cookie decorating stands out to me all these years later. Stevie was full of life and lived big. I wonder who he would have become and the people I missed out on having in my life due to his untimely death.

Who do you miss at Christmas? I miss my dad who died December 20th, 2019. He loved Christmas and all the decorations, food and gatherings. Because he died a few days before Christmas, I will always think of him as I prepare for the holidays.

Who do you miss at Christmas? It’s not just death that causes our hearts to ache. My youngest child moved across the country two years ago. Although he comes home the day after Christmas, it’s just not the same. I get that kids grow up and make their own traditions but he’s on my list of those I miss.

How about you? Who do YOU miss at Christmas?




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