When We Don’t Understand

As long as we have breath within us there will be times when we don’t understand.

Several weeks ago on a Monday morning I learned of two tragedies that had occurred to people I know. One was the heart attack and near death of a young man, a man who wasn’t even forty years old. And the other thing was about fifty-eight year old Greg. He had just learned that he had an inoperable brain tumor.

Today that young man, husband and father of four, has recovered and is doing well. This family now approaches life with trepidation but gratefulness for what God did in their lives and what He continues to do as they trust each day to His will for them all.

As long as we have breath within us there will be times when we don’t understand.

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Greg’s funeral was Thursday. It was well-attended. He was loved by many. He served faithfully and had the kind of laugh that was infectious for all of those around him. He would go out of his way to ask about your life and find words to encourage and inspire.

These are moments when we don’t understand-the life-changing outcome for both families, only different.


I read of the passing of Rachel Held Evans on Saturday morning. I didn’t know her personally, but I read a few posts on different social media sites that intrigued me to go find out who she was. This woman, wife and mother of young children, suddenly showed symptoms that were troubling to the doctors. She was placed in a medically induced coma where she stayed until she couldn’t stay any longer. As they took her off the meds that were keeping the seizures at bay, she began to seize and her brain began to swell and… there was nothing they could do.

More moments when we don’t understand.

Life is filled with times when we don’t understand. These are just a few of the latest. I could tell you about the brother who was a husband to an expecting wife, a father of young children and a successful businessman. He died of a business related accident.

I could tell you of a grieving widow who is raising her grandchild alone now. Her son, her only child, has entered her home to destroyed heirlooms and wreak havoc, and he is threatening to kill her. She doesn’t understand why or what is going on.

I could tell you of a friend whose fourteen year old child was just released from a stay in a hospital. He was there because he was contemplating suicide.

Those are few a happenings that I know about. You know about others. No sense or reasons can make the pain go away. No words can change the lives of those who have been affected by a sudden chain of events which leaves them in a realm of despair.

When we don’t understand we try to make sense. We try to explain. We try to reason. Futile acts. Nothing can change what has been done.

People survive. People go on to live in such a way that others marvel.

There is no explanation for any of this.

There is only Jesus and the hope of eternal life.

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