What the Heck?

I went to a flea market yesterday with my husband. We were there with friends trying to sell some of my grandparents’ furniture (still)! Click here for my other outdoor flea market experience. It was outside so we were doing a lot of sitting and people watching.

This is what I saw!

What the Heck?

Yep, this is a man trying on pants behind a trailer right in my view! What the heck?

So I snapped a picture. He was standing there in his tidy whities before I had the wherewithal to snap a picture. Anything for the blog, right?

Is this common practice at an outdoor flea market? An open-air dressing room!

Should I have taken his picture, or should I have afforded him some privacy? Wait, what privacy? He was definitely in my (viewing) space!

But what the heck?

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