What if We Asked God Questions?

Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, by the choices we make in everyday life. But what if the choices we make are not always the best, for our lives and for those we love? What if the choices we make come with consequences that we would rather not experience? What if the choices of those we love, have painful consequences that affect our lives in a way that causes great suffering and despair?


Hopelessness often follows such situations, and nobody wants to experience that. But what if this is God? What if God is in the pain? What if He is in the hopelessness? What if He not only welcomes our questions in the middle of our pain, but longs for them?

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To question is to seek, and to seek is to find the God who knows.
I’ve never really had a problem with questioning God. I figure He’s tough enough to take it. He’s not intimidated or put off by our questions. But, I was recently introduced to the concept that He invites our questions.

He awaits our questions.

He desires our questions.

He wants to know us and be known by us. He wants daily dialogue with us. Without questions, our conversations would come to an end. Without questions, we would simply be trading ideas, and sharing events. There would be no engaging or connecting if there were no questions asked.

Relationship suffers when the questions stop.

This brings me back to pain, emotional, physical, relational…all pain. Questions follow pain. It’s the natural flow of things. We want to understand the what and why of all that comes our way. And that can’t happen without questions.

Maybe the answers to our questions come easy when we begin to ask, but I’m pretty sure some answers require a lifetime of questions.

Asking, seeking, knocking.

Searching for the answers from the One who holds the key.

Because in the end, if our pain is to serve a purpose in our lives, connection with God is the best way to discover what that purpose is.

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