What If I Got It All Wrong?

What if I missed it? What if I got it all wrong or looked at it the wrong way for, well…most of my adult life? What if you have too?

Don’t get me wrong, There is no condemnation. I am not here to bring hellfire and damnation. I am not here to lament and regret, wail and gnash teeth. But what if the things you have gone through are for a different reason than what you thought?

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I am here to explore the idea. Right here in this space. What if I missed what God was trying to show me all these years, and am just now seeing clearly? I’m not saying that I’ve missed it all, that I haven’t grown in my relationship with Jesus, but what if what He has been showing me along the way has led me to this place that I never even considered?

God has been peeling back the layers, gently, slowly, sweetly, because He knows me.

I’m not saying this is what’s going on in YOUR life, because I don’t know you that well. But I know Him, or at least I’m coming to know who He is more intimately in my life as I follow after Him.

The sermon at my church last Sunday was really good. Matt Reagan, the associate pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, used an analogy of a house renovation with allowing God to rework our lives.


It was a really good sermon because of his really good analogy. It’s hard work, tearing up a room to make it better. It’s messy work. Matt said that for he and his wife, the mess is worth it as long as they can live with the mess while keeping their eyes on the goal…the new room. To recap what Matt said:

Renovations are hard and messy. The Father (Son and Holy Spirit) are not overwhelmed, mad or confused about the renovations that need to be done in lives and our hearts. He is looking to the finished product of who we are becoming as we yield to the handy work He is doing. Matt also told us that whoever keeps the commands of the Father is the one who loves Him. Feed yourself on the Word of God, he said. Figure out what He is saying and follow Him. That is how our love for Him is measured.
This brings me back to the original question. What if the past few decades of my life wasn’t about what I thought it was? What if God was using those things to get me to the place He wants me to be…the place He needs me to be? What if I’m the only one who can fulfill the plan that He has for my life and the only way that can happen is if He renovates those things in my life that need to be changed.


It was hard at first, grasping this thing He is doing in my life. It’s not a new thing. I’m just looking at it from a totally different view point than I have ever looked before. What if, in spite of all the pain and stress of the things going on around me, He is bringing me to this new place on purpose, for His purpose.
What if He’s doing that in your life too?
What would that look like?
And how will you respond?


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