What If?

Day 19 of 40 Days of Lent

What if you took a chance and believed that this Jesus whose birth we celebrate every December 25, is who the Bible says He is?

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What if you dared to look at this Messiah whose resurrection we celebrate every spring, to be who He said He was? Who He still is today.

What if?

When we begin to see Jesus for who He is, exactly as the Bible proclaims Him to be, lives change drastically.

What if, instead of going with the flow of our modern-day culture, we open and honestly looked at where we have been and where we are headed if things stay the same?

What if your life could be different?

When you dare to believe in Jesus, things happen.

Broken lives take on new meaning. This life is temporary, with all it’s trouble and pain. Lives change when we begin to live with the end in mind. This isn’t all there is…

This earthly life will end for everyone. It has been designed that all men should die, but it doesn’t end there.

Jesus came to give us hope for a better tomorrow…

Even after this life ends.

What if you dared to believe this to be true?


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