What a Weekend It Was

It’s that time again. Thunder Over Louisville, the biggest fireworks display in the United States. It is the kick-off of the Kentucky Derby festivities. Not sure how many years it’s been going on really, but we have been going for years. It is crowded, it’s sometimes hot, sometimes cold, but always a good show. I haven’t been in a couple of years but this year was my unlucky, er lucky year, thanks to my youngest son.

This is my cold, young son and his good friend. It was a cold day, a cloudy day, a long day.I don’t thing the temp reached 55, and it was cloudy and a wee bit breezy at times. I wore six layers, gloves and a blanket all day. In fact, I think I waddled when I walked. As you can see I was having loads of fun!

It was a good show, and a good day. Thanks so much to our friends who invited and included us in their plans. And a special thanks to Grammy, my new hero, for letting us use the bathroom in her apartment that sits right on the river. It made the experience so much more pleasant. In times past we used the public, temporary facilities. I’ll leave at this: they leave a lot to be desired, and gives a whole new meaning to full and running over. Nuff said.

Sunday was another new, not so pleasant adventure. My daughter and husband spent the day in the emergency room. My daughter yawned and her jaw dislocated, leaving her mouth stuck in an opened position. True story. They had to sedate her to put it back where it belonged. Poor baby! Thanks to the hubs for taking her. One hospital waiting room experience a week is more than enough for me!

Here’s to hoping your weekend was enjoyable and less eventful!

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