Were You a Fan?

I’m not a huge watcher of any television show. Occasionally I find a show I like. Downton Abbey was one such show. Were you a fan?

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Why is it that so many people get so attached to shows like that? I’m finding myself wondering how Lady Grantham is, and will Edith and Birdie have kids, and will Tom marry the old flame school teacher, and on and on and on. As if they were real people and their lives really existed.

There have been a few shows like that for me. Seventh Heaven was one. I wanted to BE  a Camden. And Cedar Cove I’ve read all the books by Debbie Macomber. The Brady Bunch in my younger years, oh, and The Cosby Show. Definitely wanted to be a Huxtable. (Better to leave that Cosby word alone, right?). I don’t just watch the shows, I want to BE the show.

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That’s why I don’t watch much T.V. Are we so bored and dissatisfied with our own lives that we settle for watching the lives of others? Fake lives at that.

Not all shows are fake, I’ll give you that. Two words: Reality Television. My friend introduced me to the show Naked and Afraid. Wait, what? REALLY?!!! Better leave that one alone too!

I’m not saying that everyone watches television shows to escape their real lives, or that it’s a horribly wrong thing to do, but now we have Netflex and the whole streaming thing. And binge watching. There’s a phrase that wasn’t around just a few short years ago…

Don’t get me wrong, I have a Netflex account too. Hey, I had to be able to watch Fuller House. I’m only on Episode 7. I limit myself to one a day. Yay me! But seriously, you could spend your whole life, just you and your computer watching other people live.

This post took a whole different turn than the intended Downton Abbey post that I was going to write. It just sort of hit me as I was writing…

Some people live their lives around their fave shows. They work, they do what they need to do with the kids or the house or the whatever your life consist of and then run for the television.

I was one of those parents who limited their kids’ television viewing, or I tried to be anyway. I’m truly not here to place blame but what about going outside, playing a board game, taking a walk, reading a book, learning something new…

Let me bring this post home…I was a fan of Downton Abbey. I’m going to miss that show. But I’m kinda glad it’s over. That’s one less thing to take my time.

Downton Abbey is over. It was a very good show. It brought enlightenment to we common folks on the American side of the pond, and certainly a lot of entertainment.

Were you a fan?

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