We’re Still Here

May 21, 2011 has come and gone and the world as we know it has remained unchanged. Or perhaps not. Perhaps people have made some changes in their lives with the recent attention given to the fact that we are not going to live forever, whether we leave this world by rapture or the natural process of dying which each of us will most assuredly face.

I must admit, that although I didn’t believe the rapture would occur on the 21st, The Bible clearly states that no man, not even the Lord Himself, knows the exact hour this event will take place. I was a bit disappointed it didn’t happen. For purely selfish reasons, I can assure you. If there is a better place waiting for me, and I do believe there is, then let’s get on with it. I also must confess that if not for the unpleasant events in my own life of late, then I would feel differently.

I remember when I was in high school, the world was predicted to end…yet again. It didn’t. As a teen there was so much I wanted to do; get my license, get married, become a mother (my mind wouldn’t permit going all the way to grandmahood). I quite frankly didn’t want to leave this world.

As we talked about this soon-approaching May 21 date with our adult and teen kids they too expressed the same sentiments that I did oh so long ago. I guess that’s just the nature of the beast.

For now, however, I would continue moving forward from the place I am now to the place I want to be all the while finding joy along the way, and much to be thankful for. And hoping too, that even though the rapture did not occur, maybe there were people who have and are giving some serious thought to the way they live their lives and making changes accordingly. There’s always a lesson to be learned.

Life…just saying

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