Wedding Venue

I live across the street from a popular wedding venue, an old, white historic house with a huge front porch, and a gazebo in the back. The place oozes charm. I can see why many couples choose this place for their wedding venue.

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I have a bird’s-eye view from my bed room window so I sat and watched as the bride and groom were having photos taken outside. It was a crisp fall day but they didn’t seem to notice.

The photographers were giving instructions, you could tell, as the groom took the bride’s hand in his own and they turned and walked away.

I could have been reading more into what I saw then there really was, but I thought the bride felt a sense of security as she grasped the hand of her groom. I saw her face as she looked over her shoulder while walking away from the photographers.

There was a sense of partnership, like they were doing this, joining their lives together, for all the right reasons. Like they were going to make a home that is safe, calm and loving where protection is in its rightful place because love is protection.

It wasn’t about ownership, or not being alone, but about coming together to enrich each other’s lives.

And then I though about a couple I know who are so messed up after being together for several years, and I thought of the struggles they had had and are having now as they each desperately work to come to a wholeness in their individual lives. Perhaps one day, down the road, they will have an opportunity to make peace with each other.

I read this phrase recently: “Yes, I am so messed up that I might actually get well.”

That statement hit me hard, but in a good way. Yes, they might because that was said with sincerity and a desire to be whole. A worthy goal.

I wish her the best.

I wish him the best, too.

I hope they get the chance to make peace with each other one day.

As for the couple at the wedding venue, I hope I read them correctly and they spend a lifetime making memories and having experiences that will help them through the rough times while growing old together.


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