We Were Never Meant to Do Life Alone

I ran across this post today. I don’t remember the circumstances under which I wrote it. I’m not sure what I was feeling or dealing with at the time. But we are spiritual creatures. We sometimes forget that, which never turns out well.

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I heard an timely message today. It was timely for me. It was basic and simplistic, in nature, but full of complexities as I apply it in my life. I think I had forgotten that God loves me… personally. And He’s really not about what I do, how much or how little. In fact, if anything, He would rather I do less and depend upon Him more.

I have found that I have been buying into the present-day philosophy that it all depends on me. It doesn’t. I have a part to play, I know. He has a part to play as well, and I find that I sometimes attempt to do His part, all the while doing mine. Which puts me in a position that I was never intended to occupy. I’ve not done this intentionally or even consciously, it just sort of evolved to this place.

Finding yourself in this place leads to loneliness. Thinking it all depends on you, without a higher power or other people to walk this journey with you is the worse place to be.

We were never meant to do life on our own.

In fact, thinking so and acting so oftentimes leads to life’s most devastating times. We hurt the ones we love when we are doing life alone. And what’s even worse, we hurt ourselves.

We must love ourselves before we can even attempt to love another.

So, for today, I am once again deciding, for I know this is always a process, to turn those things around and get back into the proper place in my life and allow God back into His…and reconnect with His love…again.

Basic, simple and freeing.

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