Ways To Honor Relationships

I just got home from the hospital. My son had his once dislocated shoulder surgically repaired today. Waiting rooms, I have found, give you the time and space to reflect. Ways to honor relationships is where I landed today.

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Life is short. It passes quickly. That isn’t a good reason to continue in an unhealthy relationship. Dysfunction has no place in ways to honor relationships. Relating differently is a better option.

Here’s the thing that I have come to recognize, it is okay to stay in a not great relationship with strong boundaries in place. It’s an individual choice but it enters in when considering ways to honor relationships.

The sad thing is people don’t realize the only way to achieve change in a relationship is to make changes in their personal lives. Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes scary. Without it there’s no chance at all for things to be different.

People have way more power than what they think they have. And I don’t mean power in an evil, “wahaha” way. I’m talking about the means to affect change which is probably one of the best ways when it comes to honoring relationships.

Making Changes is hard, but necessary, because if nothing changes, nothing changes.


To the husband who decides to exercise his parental rights, it’s perfectly acceptable to take your child to visit her grandparents even if the wife has never “allowed” it before. Just because she threatens to call the cops and take the child and move away doesn’t mean she will. Playing her game only ensures you continue to play her game. Honoring relationships.

To the wife who is always taking responsibility, even when it isn’t yours to take. Don’t. Stop. See what happens. Give him the chance to take it himself. Give God the chance to move on your behalf. That is honoring relationships.

To the mother of an adult addict who turns mean when he’s high. It’s okay to enforce your boundaries. It’s okay to set rules in your own home and abide by them. In fact, not doing so is causing more harm to the addict. That isn’t honoring relationships.

To the adult child of an overbearing, interfering mother. Not a problem to run your life how you see fit. Again, simple, freeing and honoring to the parent. Honoring relationships is based on mutual respect along with the freedom to choose

It’s true, life IS short. Too short to spend another minute  in a non-honoring relationship. Take the first step, and you will find that in time, not only will you be able to make healthy, relational choices but it will begin to feel like the natural thing to do.

Don’t do it alone. Let me know how I can pray for you.

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