This is such a great graphic! I love what it says: Look around you, Appreciate what you have, nothing will be the same in a year.

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Unless it is…

Nothing changes if nothing changes, or so they say.

Unless it does.

Where you are now doesn’t have to be where you stay forever…unless you decide not to change.

You are loved, not by what you say or do, or how you act…unless you surround yourself with those kinds of people.

You were not meant to live through that which you have endured…unless you were for a reason.

Some people, at some point, have been put here to live through the struggle.

They. Just. Are.

Like it or not.

Ask for it or not.

You were meant to live on a higher plane…unless you weren’t, because you are here for the struggle.

You can forgive in your own power…unless you can’t.

You can change the things you are able to change…unless you need help.

Your beauty isn’t who you are…unless you make it so.

You can do this…unless you need to make adjustments.

You are not defined by your past life…unless you let it be so.

You are not destined to be where you are today…unless you choose to.

You don’t have to live in your past…unless you want to.

We have a choice to make…unless we don’t exercise that option.

We can choose to look at our reflections in God’s mirror…unless we choose not to.

We aren’t who they say we are…unless we believe we are.

We can be grateful for the things we have…unless we’re not.

We can learn to live contently with where we are…unless we find ourselves always wanting more.

Other people are funnier…unless they’re not.

We don’t have to live in someone else’s shadow…unless we keep doing so.

We don’t have to do life alone…unless we choose to.

We can pretend we don’t care…unless we really care a lot.

We can look the other way…unless we have trained ourselves not to.

We can look at the world in a different way…unless we don’t try.

You are beautiful…unless you’re not open to that.

You are unique…unless you copy other people.

Unless you make some adjustments in how you live your life, unless you find a group of people who will support you and love you just the way you are, you will probably stay the same.

This means that where you are today is exactly where you will be next year.

I was talking with a friend today, telling them why I didn’t like the new additions to our group. I found myself saying some things that usually don’t bother me and I said so. I also heard myself say, “Maybe I am projecting myself and my feelings onto these new people and that’s why I’m so uncomfortable. Maybe that’s the point of this entire experience.”

We can be open to new experiences and new ways of doing things…

Unless we’re not~



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