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How stupid is this?

We’ve all heard the rumors for several years now that the Post Office is considering a five day delivery week. The rumors have been stepped up a notch or two in the last 12 months. Not sure your feelings on this subject but…WARNING – rant to follow.

I have an idea oh mighty Post Master.. Why not save money by putting a stop to supervisors watching, following and spying on carriers? Seriously, you pay people to follow carriers for a few hours to make sure they’re doing their jobs?

In fact, if you have so many managers and supervisors with nothing better to do than babysit carriers, maybe you should eliminate a hundred or few! That alone could put you in the black.

Do you realize how ridiculous it looks to postal patrons to see management watching carriers? What a way to run a business! Instead of raising the price of stamps and cutting the delivery week, why not get rid of some babysitters, uh, management positions? Just saying.

And while I’m on this rant of mine, I went in the Post Office just the other day, something I try to avoid at all costs. It’s a scary place once you walk through those double-glass doors. I felt like I was back in elementary school. Window clerks barking orders about how to form lines instead of waiting on customers! That’s a little over the top. Not really blaming the clerks. They’re just doing what they’re told, with the ever-present threat of job elimination hanging over their heads, maybe it’s only natural. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned customer service?

The Post Office is a bit of a dinosaur but it doesn’t have to be. They just need to join the 21st century, and maybe listen to the clerks and carriers who actually get face-to-face with customers on a daily basis and stop all the micro-management business. It just might make a difference.

Now I feel better…

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