Ultimate Gift

I have a few movies that I watch every year. The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall is one of those movies. My daughter, husband and I just finished watching it the other night. This is one movie that I enjoy more than the book. They added a story line in the movie that makes it better, in my opinion. The Ultimate Gift is full of life lessons.


It made my top reading list post a few years ago (click) and I just wanted to revisit what I like about this movie. The book lists 12 gifts that we don’t generally view as gifts, but the older I get the more I know it’s true that life is full of gifts, most often coming in the form of things disguised as something other than gifts.

1. The gift of a day is one such gift.

A powerful thing that we take for granted…just waking to another day. No one ever knows the events that will make the day like no other.

2. The gift of a problem.

It is safe to say at this point in my life that I have learned the most valuable lessons EVER in the form of problem. This still holds true no matter how much I despise the fact. And it is a gift. One that I even embrace these days, though not at the moment, I must admit. I will one day, of that I am sure.

3. The gift of work.

What? Another gift we take for granted. A necessary evil, we might even call it, but work provides a much needed purpose in life and we all need purpose. I am grateful for the gift of work. It serves to take my life off the Gift #2…just saying.

4. The gift of money.

To some this is a curse. To most a means to an end. We all need money. It is a gift.

5. The gift of friends.

I was just thinking about this today, how fortunate I am to have good friends who are there for me, no matter the need. To have friends in your life is an amazing gift. I cherish my friends.

6. The gift of learning.

This gift becomes more valuable with age. I love to learn. To learn is to grow. I never want to stop learning whether formally or on my own.

7. The gift of family.

One of my favorite gifts. What would I do without my family? They’re not perfect, no family is. I count it a great privilege to have such great family members, including distant and by marriage.

8. The gift of laughter.

I love to laugh! I love to be around people who like to laugh and who makes me laugh. I enjoy being around my family and friends because we usually end up laughing.

9. The gift of dreams.

What is life without dreams? Without dreams this nation wouldn’t even be in existence. Without dreams we wouldn’t have the many conveniences we have now. Without dreams we would cease to exist.

10. The gift of giving.

I love to give of my resources and time! It brings me great joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gift we choose to give as a family or just a silly thing I do on my own, it is truly a gift to give.

11. The gift of gratitude.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of this one. I have so much to be grateful for. I something forget to be grateful, though when I examine my heart I find it is full of gratitude. I am blessed with this gift.

12. The gift of love.

Love makes the world go round, right? Love is a gift we take for granted I am sure. I would never give up the experience of having loved and being loved for anything. The greatest gift of all.

The year has just begun. I look toward the future with anticipation. If I keep my focus on the gifts in my life and all the new things I am learning, this year will be full of growth and new experiences.

I look forward to this, the ultimate gift.

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