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Are you looking for extra income? Part time, flexible and working when YOU want? If you answered yes then Uber Drive may be the answer for you. Have you heard of Uber Drive?

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I am an official Uber Driver. I was looking for another part time job a while ago so I became an Uber Driver. Uber Drive is a taxi service with a twist.

Uber Drive is a safe way to make extra money using your car to drive people to their destinations.

Uber Drive requires background checks on all drivers, as well as documentation regarding insurance and registration. And, since Uber Drive is paying you by the clock and the miles you drive, they track you. They know when you pick the customer up and when you drop them off. They know who the customer is. There’s built-in security in that.

The passenger must first create an account with Uber Drive before using the service as well, so there are no random pick-ups. Money for the ride is taken from the account of the passenger, except for tips, so the driver isn’t driving around with a wad of cash.

Uber Drive is good for getting to events that are sure to cause parking issues and traffic jams. Oftentimes, when getting close to the destination and traffic begins to slow down, the passengers opt to get out and walk the remainder of the way allowing you to avoid long waits.

Another bonus about being an Uber Driver is that as demand goes up for drivers, usually because of an event in town, so does the fare.

I heard someone tell their boss that they were going to be unable to make it into work the next day because they didn’t have transportation. The boss didn’t miss a beat as he told the employee to call Uber Drive.

Uber Drive is all over the country in major cities. You can do a quick Google to see if there is one in your hometown.

Uber Drive is a great alternative for drivers and passengers and it’s a good way to make some extra income. If you want to become an Uber Driver click HERE and tell them I sent you by using this referral code MNFFTUE. By using that code if you decide to sign up, I get paid for the referral.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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