Turning Sixty

My sister-in-law turned sixty last month. Kind of hard to believe for a number of reasons. The first one is she isn’t that much older than I am. 🙂

She loves smiley faces and this is what she got from her grown sons for Christmas! This blow up thingy welcomed us all to the party!


 The second reason is she doesn’t act like she’s sixty, but of course sixty is the new thirty, or so I hear. (Did I mention she loves smiley faces?) They have a smiley face room in their home. 🙂


And the third reason is it doesn’t seem that long ago when my husband and I were watching her first grader and toddler while she went on a business trip to NYC with her husband. But it’s true. Sally is indeed sixty!

And the fourth is she LOVES to have fun! And last, but not least, she doesn’t act sixty!


Her birthday just so happened to fall on a Wednesday this year. She wanted to celebrate with all of those she loves, family and friends alike. I was told that 400+ people were invited to this gala event, and 250-ish attended! On a Wednesday evening! Wow! What a testament to my dear sister-in-law…and her husband too, Chuck, who is my husband’s oldest brother.


It was a true party in every sense of the word; tons of food, a DJ and dancing!





 This little guy (Max) could have danced all night. I think he did!

Sally is the type of person who loves people. She has a big personality and lights up a room when she walks in. Everybody loves Sally! One reason is because she is so very giving; she and Chuck both. They have helped countless people on their journey through life, through good times and bad; my family and me included. When we left our home in 2010 we stayed with Sally and Chuck for three nights. They opened their home to us and treated us with such kindness in that very difficult time in our lives. They told us we were welcomed to stay for as long as we needed. It was hard to leave their home.

SAlly's 60! 146

Sally and Chuck place great importance on their faith in God and the work of the Church. They are devout Catholics and have sponsored many a new convert who joins the church. I’m not a Catholic so I’m sure I am not using the appropriate terminology here, but suffice it to say they are involved in the lives of many who choose to follow the Catholic faith.

Sally requested no gifts at the party. In lieu of gifts, donations could be made to two of her favorite charities, if you so wanted to give. I moseyed over to the table fully intending to check out the charities mentioned, and make a donation. What I found there, along with the charity information, both surprised (shocked) and delighted me to no end. Sally, my just-turned-sixty dear, sweet sister-in-law was giving a gift to us! She was giving a book away.


This is Sally’s brother Fr. Chris Eggleton…who just so happens to be in the book!

Not just any book mind you, but one she had “compiled” herself. My sister-in-law had become an author! I was beside myself. Who knew?!!! Certainly not I.




One of the reasons I was so excited to discover that my sister-in-law had written a book was because just three days before I had my first E-book published (#ad).
Life After Foreclosure: How to be Happy Even When You Lose Your Home

flatecover 5

I felt we were kindred spirits because of that. It made me feel closer to her, like comrades who had joined the same rank.

Her project:

Sally took it upon herself to send letters to every priest in our city and asked them to complete this statement; “I know God exists because”… She then complied their replies into book form and had it printed. She and Chuck share them with their Confirmandi and others joining the Catholic faith.

IMG_0838 Bill Martin

Here is Sally giving a book to a retired priest, Fr. Bill Martin, who was happy and willing to be a part of Sally’s project.

I delved into her book on the way home from the party. I just couldn’t wait! Some of the answers were very intriguing. It is a delightful book that brings inspiration and belief into a world that desperately needs God.

With permission from Sally I’ve included a few excerpts of my favorite answers:

I know God exists because…

“Jesus, His Son, has told us so”

“I look around and see so many things that are beyond my understanding”…

” I have experienced the miracle of change in the lives of so many”

” I love and am loved”

“…God is right smack there in my face, loving me into becoming more than my limits, faults and even successes”.

It is a great read. I’m very proud of Sally and am honored to call her sister-in-law and friend.





2 thoughts on “Turning Sixty”

  1. WOW! Thank you, Laurie! I have been soaking in your blog re-reading it over and over and want to {{{HUG}}} you right now and never let go!!! How thoughtful, loving and generous YOU are with your beautifully written words! You described the party with such love and enthusiasm. Knowing you enjoyed the party means so much to Chuck and to me. You let me know that our efforts brought the joy and love we wanted to bring to those we love through the party. Your thoughts on the book are even more special to me. I thank you for sharing your thoughts. I quickly rushed to get a copy of your E-book and read the sample available. Like you felt when you had my book in your hands, I can’t WAIT to read every word you wrote about your life experience through this foreclosure you endured. So far, I can see you are writing from the heart while sharing valuable, helpful information which will help your readers in one or more ways. Your book promises to bring emotional insight to those having experienced forclosure or to anyone facing any of life’s difficulties. Yes, we are “kindred spirits” embarking on new adventures through writing. I love you and I thank you! From your 60 year old Sister-in-law Sally 🙂 (<–yes, a smiley!)

    • Hey Momma Lynch (I should have mentioned your website!!), and maybe I will…it’s called editing, right? What sweet words from you. We LOVED the party~ I love your book and will cherish it always. You bought my book? Wow! I am touched. Thanks for your kind words. Looking forward to watching you continue to touch lives as you and Chuck so often do, and being new-found kindred spirits. Love you bunches! <3


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