Trusting God With Your Brokenness

I was watching a movie the other night. Not a Hallmark movie, but one with a similar storyline, because I just love a cheesy Hallmark movie.

In this movie, the would-be, didn’t-see-that-coming couple were having a conversation about a B&B they were restoring together, and these words caught my attention. The guy said that in New Zealand they fix the things that are broken. They don’t just throw them out. They cherish those things that are old, and mend those things that are broken.

rising fog on hill top with trees and blue sky

Sometimes that’s exactly how I feel…old and broken and in need of fixing. Humans can only fix so much brokenness. People can only restore to a certain degree. But Jesus, He came to heal the brokenness of all man-kind.

The next day after watching the movie, as I was driving, listening to the radio and thinking about this brokenness thing, I heard a Lauren Daigle song that I have heard hundreds of times before, but this time, the words hit me right in the heart. Why do her songs seem to always speak to me?

“When You don’t move those mountains I needed You to move, When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through. When You don’t give me answers, as I cry out to You, I will trust, I will trust in You.”

What would happen if you trusted God even when the mountains stand in your way?

What would happen if you trusted God when He doesn’t part the waters?

What if you trusted God when He doesn’t answer as you cry out? What if you dared to trust in this God who seems to be silent?

Along those lines of trusting God, I had a friend once tell me that if we did what the Bible said to do about divorce and remarriage, no one would ever remarry. Wait, what? What if we trusted God enough to do what the Bible says?

I appreciate all the people who have had the courage to try again after a failed marriage, but I can’t help wondering if that’s God’s best for them. [Tweet “Do we throw out the old in an attempt to fix what is broken? Are we allowing God to fix the things in need of repair?”]

When trust is shattered and self-esteem leaves us so empty, when we need the brokenness fixed, that’s the time to turn to the One Who heals the brokenhearted. It’s hard when you don’t feel what you think you should, but that’s when you trust in Him.

When He doesn’t move the mountains of despair in your marriage, trust in Him.

When He doesn’t part the waters of trouble and chaos you wish to walk through, trust in Him.

When He doesn’t answer the way you want Him to. When it feels like He isn’t even listening, that’s when you put your trust in Him.

Every piece of our story matters; the hard, dry, dead places matter. The old places in need of restoration matter. The broken places that need to be repaired matter.

All of these broken things make up the story that He wants to write; not just the good times but the messiness of our broken lives.

No matter how hard it gets, or how confusing it gets, will you trust in Him?

This is a journey you shouldn’t take alone. You don’t have to. There are so many wives of addicts who find themselves in this broken place. I walk with these women and help them find the calm in the chaos. I can help you too.

Contact me and let’s get started.

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