Trusting God When the Pain Is Overwhelming

Trusting God when the pain is overwhelming is the premise of my podcast Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. Life can be hard and messy. It’s often hard to talk about these things but doing so takes away the power the feelings have over us when we gather the courage to do so.

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My guest on the podcast Trusting God When The Pain Is Overwhelming told her story of the cancer journey she took with her husband. Listen here. In the end, Cancer won the battle, but her husband won the war. He is at peace living with his Father. But my friend, Tori, was left here to continue on, raising her littles alone.

Trusting God when the pain is overwhelming was hard for her. She spoke of her depression and how she spiraled to a place of total despair. She shared openly about the pain, disappointment and hitting rock bottom. So many suffer alone.

Tori’s story is complete with overcoming the depression, finding meaning in life, and remarrying a man who loves God and walks the path of faith Tori is on. Trusting God when the pain is overwhelming is a chasing hard story that Tori walked through. You can listen to her story her or watch the interview on Youtube.

I have had other guests talk of their husbands dying suddenly, being left alone to raise kids. Others have talked about betrayal of spouses and friends or overcoming obstacles they neither asked for or felt equipped to handle. They couldn’t do life on their own in each of these circumstances. They had to actively pursue trusting God when the pain is overwhelming in order to survive and do the next thing.

Trusting God when the pain is overwhelming is something we all get to choose to do at one point or other in our lives. We were never promised an easy life as Christ-followers, and that’s okay because we haven’t been left to do so all alone.

I don’t know what you are walking through currently or in the past. I hope you have people who walk with you when life gets hard. If not, reach out and let’s figure out what that looks like together.

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