Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack…have you played? Are you addicted? It’s a crazy game that is addicting. I’m not even that good, trust me, but still I. MUST. PLAY.

Trivia Crack is an easy game to play. You go to Google Play or wherever you get games on your phone, download the app and get ready for the fun to begin! You can find people to play against by signing into Facebook or Twitter. You then start a game by spinning. When it stops you will be on an icon to let you know which category the question is in. There are six categories: Science, Geography, Entertainment, Art, Sports, and History. If you answer the question correctly, you get to spin again. Once you answer three questions correctly you get a crown opportunity. You get to choose the category to answer the question depending on which Crown you need? Confused? Take a look for yourself!

Here are a few reasons why I play:

1. I can play on my phone which means I can play while at an extra long traffic light.

2. It can be a team sport. Oh come on! Tell me you’ve never asked someone else if they know the answer to a certain question.

3. It can make me appear smarter than I am depending on how well I guess a question. On the flip side, it can also make me look dumber too.

4. It helps to pass the time while waiting for appointments or extra long traffic lights, or just waiting on someone to finish up their errands.

5. It can help you connect with my kids or spouse.

6. I can learn a lot of trivial, useless facts about  the various subjects.

Here is an example of a question. This is the Science category.

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On the adverse side of the game, it also makes you look like you have too much time on your hands, or like you need to get a life, or like you’re addicted to playing Trivia Crack.

I don’t play many games, especially on my phone, however, I must admit, Trivia Crack is one of those games. Do you play Trivia Crack? Tell me why you like to play!

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