Trip Home From Bloggy Boot Camp In Minneapolis

My husband went with me to Minneapolis to Bloggy Boot Camp. He had a few days off so we made it a little Fall trip. I do love me some traveling. He had to occupy himself while I was gone for a few hours Friday night attending the Mirassou event. I came back to a totally rearranged room! Okay, not totally, but he tweaked it. It’s what he does. He always puts it back though, I promise!

On Saturday he had the whole day to himself. He spent some time mapping out our side trip home, but not until after we took in a few quick, chilly sights in Minneapolis on Saturday evening.

The ruins of Mill City, downtown Minneapolis was quite a sight.

Minneapolis Mill ruins


Mill Ruins in Minneapolis

Sunset in Minneapolis

We left early Sunday morning to visit House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Also in the area is Taliesin, a house built by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin

Taliesin Frank Lloyd Wright

Sunday the goal was The House on the Rock in Wisconsin, and a cheese trail. Mission accomplished.

The House on the Rock Wisconsin

The lane to the house was aligned with these whimsical, gaudy planters. We knew we were in for quite a display, but of what? That remained to be seen.

Wisconsin House on the Rock

This was a strange, compelling place to visit. Our main goal was to view the Infinity Room, a room which juts out into space with trees hundreds of feet below.

Infinity Room

Infinity Room House on the Rock

Not so much a room as an area but nonetheless the view was spectacular.

House on the Rock Infinity Room


There was a glass panel on the floor that allows you to view the treetops far below, as the room gently sways while you walk. The Infinity Room was open and bright but the rest of the house felt cave-like with low ceilings and dark rooms. It was creepy and too enclosed for me, but definitely interesting.

House on the Rock

House on the Rock

House on the Rock

The stairway was the brightest area by far.

And a hearst, but of course. Who doesn’t have a white hearst hanging around in the lovely gardens?

House on the Rock a hearst

After finishing our tour of the house, all the while wondering what it was we just saw and why, we then left and drove through dairy farmland. We stopped at a “cheese house” and had a sandwich.

Cheese House Wisconsin


Cheese House

We sat on one of the benches on the covered porch and savored the food as we enjoyed the sunshine.

A lovely afternoon indeed.

Have you ever been to the House on the Rocks? A tour guide equated this place with Elvis’ Graceland due to it’s eccentric décor and collections. I’ve never been there. Have you?





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