Trick or Treat Rant

It’s Halloween! Rant ahead.

I’m sure by now you’ve all either heard or read of the lady from North Dakota giving letters to parents of “fat kids” along with candy for Halloween. If not, you can read it here: Click.


This is just wrong on so many levels.

October is Halloween

Yes, it is true we Americans are overweight and obese as a rule. We eat as a pastime, as a hobby, when we’re bored, when we’re happy, when we’re sad, when we’re depressed, when we’re hungry, when we’re tired, when we’re irritable, you get the picture. So why, oh lady from North Dakota, are you just targeting Halloween? Why stop there? Why not start a crusade against all overeating? Maybe send out a weekly newsletter.

Let me get this straight woman from North Dakota, you’re giving out treats AND a letter to those who come to your door? Treats for the kids (“fat” and non) and letters for the parents. Do you think parents aren’t aware of the wellbeing of their children? Do you think they need YOUR help in showing them the way?

Are you a parent?

Do you have any vices or participate in any unhealthy behaviors?

Perhaps the real problem isn’t just the woman from North Dakota. Perhaps the bigger issue is the fact that we have legislated, regulated and ruled against minding our own business.

We are expecting bad weather tonight in our area, on Halloween. A wind advisory is in effect with possible storms. Malls have invited trick or treaters to come roam the halls of their stores. Churches have always provided an alternative to going from door to door. But yesterday I heard the mayor of our fair city make an announcement. He said parents need to exercise caution when making the decision to send/take their offspring out tonight. Really? We need you to tell us that?

Okay, my rant is over.

You may carry on.

Or ask someone first.

5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Rant”

  1. To start off with, I despise Halloween. If you really thought about it and understood fully where this started, you would be wary of participating in any way with this custom. The fact that CHURCHES participate in this holiday is beyond my ability to believe. I could rant for hours about it, but I won’t. Enough said about that.
    As to the woman who wrote the letter, she needs a hobby, a few sessions with her psychiatrist, perhaps a change in her medications. Other than her obvious control issues, she also needs/demands attention. Her past experiences with Halloween are probably at the root of this. Let’s think of it as “Charlie Brown Syndrome”. In other words, she was more likely to be the one that was persistently saying…”I got a rock”. Long, deep mental scar over it, this is the resulting behavior.
    ::::deep cleansing breath:::::rant mode OFF:::::

    • Not even going to debate the Christians’ stance on the day, but girl, you crack me up. She has achieved notoriety! Ever thought about starting a blog? 🙂

      • yeah, but…..I am probably on enough of the “government watch lists” that I’d ever care to be on. If I had a blog, I’d eventually “forget” to watch what I said. If I just add in on someone else’s, it makes the rest of the people look reasonably rational. It’s just my little contribution to society. ::::smiling proudly:::::


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