Your Tribe

Have you ever heard the term finding your tribe? I first heard it used in the blogging world. It implies that you are in a group with like-minded people who are working or focusing on the same things as you are. In the blogging world, your tribe would be a group of fellow-bloggers who promote your posts, make comments and share your posts on all the appropriate social media sites.  A tribe is a beautiful and useful thing. You, in turn, do the same for all the members of this tribe.

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I have since heard the term in other areas as well. I find that having a tribe is very helpful in all areas of life. You could actually be a member of several different tribes.

One tribe that is most helpful is one that is working through a similar struggle as you. There is just something about sitting beside people who get you, who know what you’re going through; dealing with the gamut of emotions that accompany these struggles.

Words are often not required, though sometimes desperately needed. Just the other day, I was attending a Christmas event at a place I don’t routinely go, with people I really don’t know. As I walked in to get a seat I spotted a fellow member of one of the tribes I am a part of. Just seeing her face in this unexpected place was a comfort all it’s own that no words can describe. I think she felt the same.

We all have tribes, I do believe, even if we don’t call them by that title. The important thing is to have those people who have your backs in different situations in life. We weren’t meant to do life alone. It’s easier and way more enjoyable when we don’t have to.

It also needs to be noted that we often find ourselves in a tribe that we never would have chosen for ourselves, dictated by the circumstances of life. These tribes may be the most important of all, though not of our choosing, timely and life-giving.

I wish for you a tribe that fits your needs, whether you choose it or not. Or many tribes, if that is what’s needed. A group of people helping each other through.



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