Tornados in November

I am sitting here with the television on, facing my window as I listen for weather updates for our area. Tornados in November! Really?

The storms are approaching our city they say, as I watch the clouds roll by. The pinks, the light blues, normal-ish looking skies, but they say the storms are assuredly coming this way.


I pray our power stays on.

I see the devastation that has wreaked havoc in Illinois and Indiana just a short while ago. I uttered a whispered prayer for the folks who have lost so much in a few short minutes.

Life can change in an instant we are reminded so very often.

Live it well.


2 thoughts on “Tornados in November”

  1. Amen to that Laurie!!! Loved those last lines…. you just never know. XO Hope you were safe! We lost power- winds were a blowin’ and the rain was flying sideways! And… into our house through the family room windows. It was quite an evening… oy. BUT could have been soooo much worse. I am grateful.


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