Tornados and The Royal Wedding

I must admit, I didn’t watch THE WEDDING. I also must admit, I did watch the wedding of Princess Di and Prince Charles so many years ago. I remember being in a hotel room and watching the entire, long and often boring thing. It was history in the making, right? And I was newly married myself.

Here’s what I do know about the wedding, however, without watching one clip or televised segment. Prince William whispered something to Kate at some point during the ceremony. There was an unhappy looking little girl in the wedding party whose identity was being questioned. The bride’s sister wore white which surprised some. There was a tribute to the late Princess Di. Kate remembered William’s full name…and the list goes on.

I did notice the absence of any updates on the devastating tornadoes that rocked the south on my home page today. Here is what I know about the storms. People have lost lives, loved ones, homes, places of work. There are those without power and the water isn’t safe to drink. The president visited Tuscaloosa today, just a few miles from campus. The University of Alabama has ended the school year early, canceling finals, and postponing graduation until August, and students have been told to pack up and return home. 3 students are confirmed dead. At least 80 employees are missing. There are check points and a lot of areas still blocked off. I know this because I have a friend who lives there and I had to go looking to find the info that constantly covered the Internet yesterday.

I get the excitement over the Royal Wedding. I just don’t get that yesterday’s news in all its devastation, is now truly just yesterday’s news.

My thoughts, prayers and whatever else I can offer are with those who have lost so much and had their lives altered so drastically in a matter of moments.

Oh, and I do wish the Royal couple well.

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  1. I am following you back and I did not watch the wedding, I was watching the weather channel and news. I lived in Alabama for the first 26 years of my life and am a graduate of the University of Alabama. Everything is totally heartbreaking!!! I still can’t get over the devastation that is there.


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