Toothbrush Banging

My husband bangs his toothbrush handle against the side of the sink after he brushes his teeth. He says it’s to get the extra water off. I thought this was a new habit he had recently acquired. Not so, he tells me, he’s been doing this for most of his life, certainly the thirty-three years we’ve been married. I never noticed before.

I discovered this incident because there would be water drops on the counter top surrounding the sink on a regular basis. I inquired of all family members and my husband said he was the guilty party. I have a suspicion, however, he may not be the only one.

He has a theory as to why this is happening, and the reason I never noticed before. The sink in this bathroom has a shallow bowl which causes the water to be flung up on the counter instead of landing in the sink. A deeper sink helps the water be contained thus no evidence of toothbrush banging. It works, as far as theories go I suppose.

I was beginning to think he was OCD and had handed down that little habit to one (or more) of our kids. Not so apparently…the OCD part.

I mentioned this toothbrush banging thing to a friend today and she told me she does this too. Now I’m starting to think I’m the weird one for NOT banging my toothbrush on the side of the sink!

I got tired of wiping the water up and kindly asked my husband to do so after each toothbrush banging. He complied (sometimes). So yesterday I posted a note right by the faucet.

Now I’m wondering how many people do this. Are you a toothbrush banger?

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  1. This is hilarious. I use an electric toothbrush but I do something other people have though is odd. Before I brush my teeth, I have to flip the bristles with my finger first to kind of open them up and then rinse them under water first. Then I apply the toothpaste, then brush, then rinse it off. I do think I’d still get a note because somehow there is always tons of stuff all over my mirror when I’m done. People have asked me what is all over my mirror before and I have to explain it’s probably random stuff from my teeth. I have no idea how it happens. lol


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