Tis the Season to Plant Bulbs

The weather changed today. It is serving to remind me that summer will soon be over and fall is just around the corner. The seasons keep changing and time stands still for no one.

I have found myself wordless the past few weeks. Not too very long ago I was a fount of blog posts ideas. It seemed the well would never run dry. Today I am writing a bit differently as I try new things, and I have found that I don’t have many words at all.

Perhaps that isn’t totally true. I do have words…just none I care to share, here in this public space.

For now, however, I give you a repost: Tis the Season to Plant Bubls

As I am out and about, popping in and out of stores, I notice the shelves and bins with spring bulbs. It’s mid September, after all, the time to do the work in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the Spring. Tis the season to plant bulbs.

It is my opinion that there are two types of gardeners. The first one is the well-organized planner. This type carefully maps out a sketch or diagram of what to plant, when to plant and where. I know people like that, and they have magnificent displays of colorful blooms from Spring to late Fall. I do not happen to be a part of that category.

I am a buy some bulbs because I think they are pretty and sometime in the Fall, if I don’t forget about them, haphazardly find a place to put them in the ground, type of gardener. There is a plus side to this type of person. In the Spring, or sometimes even in mid February, those tiny plantings push their way through the earth’s soil and show up in places I had forgotten about. It reminds me of an Easter Egg hunt, or maybe more of a surprise party as I slowly walk about my yard looking for signs of life that lets me know Winter is nearly over.

I was never much of a math person but I love the divide and multiply aspects of gardening. That’s the beauty of planting bulbs and perennials. You start out with a few and over the years they get bigger and bigger until it’s time to divide and replant, only to do it again and again. Whichever type of gardener you may be, the result is the same. Watching those tiny gifts from nature reveal themselves is like unwrapping a gift from someone you love. Phlox

A cherished time indeed. Although I have moved to the city and am once again abiding in an apartment, in my heart I am planting bulbs and dreaming of Spring, when I watch the cycle of new life begin.

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