Time To Rest

It’s been a while since I’ve been here…online writing and sharing. I think the last time was in May. Life happens to us all and there comes a time to rest, a time to just stop.

Stop striving.

Stop trying.

Stop doing all the things to figure out why you’re doing all the things and if those things are really the things you need to be doing.

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Things changed in my world in the last year or so. Some big, some small, some good, and some that really sucked. That’s life…change, both good and sucky.

My youngest (adult) child moved 3200 miles away. That one falls in all the categories, as those of you with kids who live across the country (or farther away) are aware of. He had an amazing opportunity to lead worship in a thriving, growing church in a beautiful town on the west coast. I would be attending that church if I could, and not just because my son leads worship there. The heart of the church and those on staff is good, offering hope to the community through authentic relationships and opportunities. I was and will continue to be excited for him, but it’s 3200 miles away.

I also worked through some hard stuff that I needed to deal with. There were some grief issues (read acceptance) which, for me, is the hardest part of the grieving process. But I finally got there! It culminated with EMDR, a tool that helps people deal with trauma. I went into the process hesitantly, not because I didn’t trust my therapist. I did and I do! But it was intimidating and scary in ways I hadn’t yet faced. It was a game changer for me once I finished. And she released me until/and/or if I need her again. It felt like it was time to rest afterwards but I ignored the urge.

I also went through some things at work (and still am) which happens to be the church I am a member of. The stress of work typically affects all areas of your life, and when it’s where you attend church…nuff said. I’m sure many of you can relate to that as well.

And I finished my book and then rewrote it and rewrote it again. It’s actually not quite finished so it’s not ready to be published yet but soon, I hope. Add into the mix the time and attention needed with aging parents (my mom is alone now), and the world going crazy on many levels, plus the every day things we encounter, well, I was a hot mess, though I didn’t really appear to be on the outside. I can be pretty adept at faking it which serves a purpose but hinders at the same time. So much energy expended. Was it finally time to rest? What did that look like anyway?

In May I knew it was time. I heard God say, “It’s time to rest. Take the summer off.” I read novels just for fun. I floated around in the pop-up, backyard pool that proved to be so relaxing and soothing to my soul. Since I am a collector of books, I found a favorite author I follow and pulled her books off the shelf and devoured them all again, one by one.

Oh, I still went to work and did all the things to keep a house running smoothly, but for the most part, I was living the chill life. It was in the process of this sabbatical-like event that I began to emerge with a new direction. A new vigor. A new intent to find my people and serve them well including the people I’ve already found. This direction is not totally different but it has been tweaked and honed and I will hopefully write, (and do all the things) with a freshness in the calling and purpose God has given me.

And I’m looking forward to it all.

Because I took the time to rest.