Time Marches On

Christmas is behind us, a part of the past and one for the books, as they say. I had a different perspective this year, especially when it came to taking down the Christmas tree. I left it up a bit longer as time marches on.

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I am usually so done with the Christmas tree and everything about the festive holiday on the 26th of December. That is the day I have been taking the tree down for several years now. Not this year, however. I’m not quite sure what it was. I just couldn’t make myself take down the tree and those stockings that were hung by the chimney with care. I left them up until January 2, which is unheard of for me!

There was nothing special about this Christmas that made me want to linger in the afterglow. No joyous event or occasion that compelled me to bask in the passing holiday cheer. In fact, quite the opposite was true. “Just get me through this” was my mantra for the season. And that is what happened as one day followed the next and time marches on.

Without any fanfare or much planning I simply walked in the house one day and began taking ornaments off the tree. I divided the ornaments the usual way, each person’s going into the designated box. And I haphazardly wrapped and placed them inside without first putting them in the original box they came in when purchased. My daughter and I placed the various decorations in the boxes and I helped my husband carry them to the basement, and placed them carefully onto the shelves where they will sit until the end of this year for time marches on.

Christmas 2014 is now a memory, a bleep in time with another Christmas coming before we know it. But first we have a new year to navigate. New experiences. New endeavors. New people to meet and old relationships to continue nurturing.

I am happy last year is behind me. I’m also glad I made it through Christmas and even stayed with the holiday longer than usual. I’m not sure what this year holds but I believe it will be good. I am learning to embrace the events that I encounter and learn the lessons well along the way.

Of one thing I am certain, time undoubtedly marches on.

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