This, That, and the Other

So the blog posts have been sporadic of late. Christmas? Perhaps.

I could talk about the joys of parenting young adult children who still live at home. I know this is true because I still do their laundry.

I could talk about the fact that my son wrecked his car. No one was hurt, just the car, not too long after I wrecked our car.

I could talk about this Christmas thing and how it became such a shop/buy frenzy. Seriously! How did it turn into a let’s spend so much time (that we, as a society don’t have), and so much money (that we, as a society don’t have) on one day?

I could talk about the many headlines that I find disturbing.

I could talk about my friend whose husband just had a major stroke last week but is doing well.

I could talk about the great weather we are having and the not so great weather on the way.

I could talk about two friends whose husbands just lost their jobs.

I could talk about having lunch with my brothers.

I could talk about the Peace that I have in spite of it all.

But I won’t.

Or maybe I just did.

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