All The Lonely People

This is for all the lonely people, not just the ones I mention below. I think we are all lonely people at some point in our lives. Are you old enough to remember the song by America entitled This is For All the Lonely People? I am! Click to listen.

I took some time today to go be with my aunt. Just be with her…talk with her…sit with her. She is alone all day, with only the company of her aging, sleeping dog, and the television, which she keeps muted but on most of the time. One day it was on a Spanish speaking channel. My aunt doesn’t speak Spanish. It was a worthwhile way to spend a few hours, sitting with my aunt. All the lonely people.

I met my niece at the bus stop. She is alone for 30 minutes or so until her parents get home from work. She doesn’t like to come home to an empty house. So I was there waiting for her so she wouldn’t be alone. I sit with her until her mother arrives home with her little sister. All the lonely people.

I took a walk with my husband this evening through a neighborhood we have never walked through. We ran into an acquaintance who lives in the area. We stopped to chat and he told us that after 15 years of caring for his disabled wife he has decided to move on because he feels like life is passing him by, just like the song.

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But what if life isn’t passing him by? What if he was meant to be there with his wife, even though it’s lonely.

Life is full of loneliness; lonely times, lonely people. I was honored to make a small difference in a life today, not for all the lonely people. Just a few I know.

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