Things I Didn’t Know

There are many things in life I’ve learned the hard way, the school of hard knocks if you will, the try it and see mentality- whatever you want to call it, valuable lessons those. Things I didn’t know.

One such lesson is what happens when you have a tooth extracted as I mentioned here. I had my wisdom teeth out many, many years ago. I don’t remember much about that time except for spitting blood and not being able to eat for a week. (Sorry for the gore). This tooth was a little different. It cracked into two pieces. Couldn’t be saved, they told me, so it had to come out.

The process itself was a cake walk. From the time I signed-in to the minute I walked out the door (minus a tooth) amounted to 45 minutes. The actual extraction, a couple of minutes. The bill…$270. Thankful to have it.

The pain kicked in on my way home but no worries, I filled the script and the meds did their thing. The real problem began the next day when I had bouts of nausea, and the next when the gaping hole in my mouth seemed like the Grand Canyon. I have to live with this for three months, until I can drop a fortune into the waiting palm of the dental personnel who is prepared to place an implant (for a price) and a crown (for another price), which seems like a better option than a bridge. I’m thinking U of L Dental School for the rest of this procedure.

The other lesson? Not so gory this. It is a cold snowy day here in the Bluegrass state. Visions of homemade soup danced in my head. It seemed easy as I am still not quite myself from the afore mentioned extraction, and besides soup on a cold day just works. And what better thing to serve with soup than homemade bread (from the bread machine, of course)? Again, easy-peasy, dump the ingredients in the chamber and BAM, you have a meal in about two hours.

Homemade Bread

When I got to the last ingredient I noticed I didn’t quite have enough yeast. I was about 1/3 teaspoon shy of the 2 teaspoons called for. No worries, I thought I had more. I didn’t. Let’s see what happens, I thought to myself. It couldn’t be any worse than the time I forgot to add the yeast at all! Yes I did. That was a flat, hard mess, as opposed to the dense, not so big loaf that I produced this time, with 1/3 teaspoon less yeast than called for.

We ate it. I’m not sure if the tastelessness was from the lack of yeast or the adversely affected taste buds from the extraction. Yes, they are.

You see my friends, these things tied together nicely, things I didn’t know.

All in a day’s work.

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