The Weekend

Where did the weekend go?

Friday night was the Balloon Glow, another Derby Festival Event. I missed it. I had to work. 🙁

Saturday was the Balloon Race. I missed that as well due to various reasons. It doesn’t always go off as planned because of weather conditions. But it happend as scheduled Saturday.

 Credit (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

And of course the Marathon. I would like to do this one day (I think), run a marathon, or at least walk it. I heard of a ninety year old woman who was running in this year’s marathon. She started running when she was sixty-nine, right after she quit smoking and she’s been running ever since. I figure I have a few more years to start!

What I did do: I bought a new (used) camera. A five hundred dollar camera for one hundred. I like! Now to figure out how to use it. I hate reading manuals!
My husband and I went to The Fish House/Cafe Beignet and grabbed a scrod sandwich and an order of beignets. I discovered this place with a friend the other day. It was good. I must admit, however, that the beignets weren’t as good as the ones at Cafe Du Monde but who would expect that, right? Well worth a try though!

Now it’s time to head over to the place where the band we are in is doing some recording (oops, or not, didn’t make it), and then on to a friends house to complete this busy weekend.
What was your weekend like?

4 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. Beignet is french for donut… is it the same thing? The balloons are beautiful! We don’t do anything like that around here – something to add to my travel to-do list, I suppose!

    • I assume so. A beinget is deep fried bread covered with powdered sugar. If you’re coming you should totally see the fireworks show called Thunder. It is the biggest display in north America. 🙂


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