The Taming of the Wild

I ran across this draft that I wrote back in 2009, when I first started this blog. I’m not sure why I never published it. In lieu of yesterday’s post Spring and What I Miss I thought I would go ahead and publish it now.

The Taming of the Wild

What is it with me and mowers lately? I have more thoughts on the subject of man and machine. We live in a subdivision with 5-10 acre lots. We have 5 acres; but up until this year we have only kept one acre mowed. We did it with a push mower, and 2 teenage sons. This year, however, we stumbled upon a good, used riding mower for a decent price. And since that time we have been conquering the wild.

Our field is overgrown with saplings, evergreens mostly. We have paid to have someone bring their bush hog and mow it off over the years, but we haven’t done that in a while. Needless to say, the field is wild. Also needless to say, we are wild with the power we weld to plow it down.

I thought it was just me who had this uncontrollable urge to doze down the weeds, the trees, the gigantic ant hills. I thought it was just me who would flinch every time I hit a hardwood little tree which caused the mower to make that grinding noise, and yet I couldn’t stop. I thought it was just me who was thinking the entire time I was razing the field that I was going to tear the mower up and we would have to buy a new one and probably have to pay way more for it. I thought it was just me who didn’t care because I see another patch over there that needs some attention. I thought it was just me…

Tonight my husband mounted that riding lawn mower. He put it into gear and headed toward the field, “just to check it out.” I hear the noises and flinch at every grind. He stops and tells me we’re probably going to have to get a new mower because he is compelled to keep going even though he knows our domestic mower can’t stand up to the wilds of nature. I thought it was just me…until tonight.

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