The Story of an Antique Desk

I went to my first ever yard sale last Saturday! How lame is that? I’m 53 years old! I went with a friend who had a purpose. She knew what she was looking for, and basically got what she wanted.

She loves the game of it all, the bartering, the walking away, jockeying to see who wants what the most. I found it all quite intriguing…and I found an antique roll top desk straight from the 1800s. I wasn’t even looking! I promise! I didn’t mean to.

We saw a few things we liked (including the desk) early on. The woman was firm about the price of the desk and a couple of items my friend was interested in. So we walked.

The yard sale was slated to be over at 1:00. At five till one my friend called the lady to see if she still had the items we were interested in (and she did); and to ask her if she would take the price we had decided upon (and she did).

Boom! First yard sale. Spent too much money. Like the desk. Already had an offer -from two people actually- to purchase it if I decide to sell.

I think I like yard sales…just saying.

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