The Right to Vote

I stood talking with the owner of a small family-owned oil company two days ago. We spoke of the election. She told me how frightened she was about the outcome. She spoke of her fear of losing their company, a well-founded fear she feels, if the present administration is re-elected. It is the same story on both sides of the polls.

I respect this woman and her beliefs, and the way they run their business and treat those whom they employ.

I drove a woman to the airport early this morning. The conversation went to the election and the outcome of this day. This woman is fearful of the outcome as well. She is afraid for the middle class and their future if a new administration is voted in. She fears for her welfare and what she stands to lose.

I respect this woman and place value on her opinions.

Both of these women assumed I believe the way they do; and feel our country will be better served if the candidate of their choice in elected into office.

And so I voted my beliefs this morning, and I pray for the outcome-that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And even though I feel that we have strayed so very far from the constitution and the process that the founding father’s put into place concerning this great nation, I believe that is all we can do. Our part.

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