The Neighbors Did What?

Yes, it’s that time again. I made another vlog. I must apologize in advance for the quality. I couldn’t use my phone to upload to Youtube for what reason I know not. FRUSTRATING! So I had to enlist the aid of my daughter and my camera, which isn’t that great…the quality of the video, not the camera or my daughter. Maybe I just need to read the manual and learn how to use the darn thing! Nah.

Here it is!

5 thoughts on “The Neighbors Did What?”

  1. Found you on SITS! Good for you for vlogging! I have yet to do one but I keep planning to do one “someday.”

    Yeah, parking can be such a pain. My SIL and BIL have this same problem with their neighbors. It’s a pain when they have get togethers at their house.

    • I do enjoy vlogging but need to broaden my horizons. Compared to what they’ve said and done to our next door neighbor we DID get a warm welcome lol.

    • That is so true Alison! And I can be thankful we didn’t have done to us what they did to our next door neighbors. 🙂

  2. I need to do a vlog! Parking can be such a pain! We are so fortunate that we have a lot of space around our house, so people park halfway on our grass when we have get togethers and as long as they can pass, none of the neighbors seem to care!


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