The Lake, the Studio and a Billboard

What a lovely, quick, fun-filled weekend it was! Some friends of ours invited us, along with several other families, to join them at their lake house for the weekend. With a little juggling of all things that needed to be done, we were able to get away for 24 hours…excluding the time we rode around looking for the lake-front property. This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning. Thanks Jenny and Glenn for giving us a room with a view. It was stunning.

We played “Hillbilly Golf“. A first for me. It is known by various other names, “Ladder Golf” being the most popular, but where we were located “Hillbilly Golf” seemed most appropriate.

It was fun. I didn’t win, but it was fun. So was playing Spot It ,which I did win… twice…finally! And watching a movie, and the delicious food and the conversation, and the boat ride, with the ever-so entertaining double-dog-dare jump in the lake by our host, in the not too cold water, but the ride back in the 67 degree weather while wet…well, you get the picture. Glad it wasn’t me!

These are relatively new friends of ours, the couple who own the cabin and another couple that was there as well. I just have to say how very refreshing it is to be around these two ladies that I have gotten to know during the last year. It’s a little different from the other two ‘friends’ that I’ve posted about lately. It just feels good to have people who care and are actually interested in others. Nuff said…

Sunday we went to a studio to record some background vocals for my brother’s new CD. Usually I HATE recording. Not so bad this time, not sure why. It was fun singing with my 11 year old niece. She has a gift. It went smoothly and the amazing technology these days doesn’t hurt either. Can’t wait to hear the final production!

My nephew is on a billboard in our mid-size town. It’s for an organization called Hand in Hand Ministries. It’s kind of cool seeing the face of someone you know plastered on a really big sign on the side of an interstate. He’s one of the good guys. I have no pic to include but I did finally get to see it, so it was worth a mention.

That’s it…that’s my weekend. It was nice. Hope yours was too! Yeah.

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