The Importance of Being Connected

If it is true that we need each other, and I believe it is, then the importance of being connected to other people can’t be overstated. How do you connect?

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Connecting can look like hanging out, taking a walk or watching a movie together. It’s important to know you are not alone. It’s important to know you have someone in your life who cares.

Connecting can also look like sharing the deepest parts of who we are. This can be a very difficult thing to do. It may take time, the right people and a lot of practice!

It helps to have been raised by parents who had a good connection with each other and who knew how to connect with others. If you weren’t privy to that kind of childhood (and many weren’t) that’s okay. And let’s be honest, if you were raised in that kind of atmosphere then you probably wouldn’t even be reading this.

If you can start your day over at any given time, you can definitely recreate your life story.

We often carry pain from long ago with us; deep and ever-present. It is essential to let it go. Who can you connect with in order to be free?

There are times of healing that takes place while connecting with others. Do you want to experience that in your life?

Sometimes you just need a little help and guidance from others to enable you to break out of a cycle of living with long ago pain. Healing can only happen if you disconnect from harmful situations and toxic relationships  first and then connect with those who care.

Do you want to be free? It may sound like a ridiculous question but it’s totally legit. You have to be willing to make the changes necessary in order to be healed from past hurts.

Are you ready to get connected and watch what happens in your life?

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