Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is getting close! The holidays are upon us. Radio stations are already playing Christmas music and I have started shopping. I am over on Moms are Frugal, talking about holiday memories today. I would love for you to hop on over, read my post and stick around and see what else you might find there. Click here to read my post.

For your information, just in case you haven’t done the math:

Thanksgiving is in 17 days.

Christmas is in 45 days.

The new year begins in 52 days.

Ready or not, let the festivities begin.


Hiking is peacful

Are you ready for the holidays?

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories”

  1. Happy Sits Day! I enjoyed your post about leaving the ones we love behind. Your wisdom shines through when you explain how it is sad they are gone, but the things like letters, and pictures, always keep them alive for us. I hope that by blogging, taking pictures and being the best I can be, my family will never forget me either.

  2. Loss is so hard. And, you are right, it happens at so many junctures of grief. I hope the road you find yourself on will take you to memories you have all but forgotten and are just waiting for you to cherish.


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